AAPG Middle East Region Geoscience Technology Workshop

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TGS-LRP: Integrated Core Analysis Defining Resistivity-Water Saturation Models


This presentation focuses on low resistivity in tight-gas sands. The balance between pore-filling clays, remaining open porosity, grain contacts, and clay modality are discussed. The structure of the rock is explored using various imaging methods including x-ray Computed Tomography (CT) and scanning electron microscopy in two- and three-dimensions. Each of the elements of the rock is defined in space and its conductive properties are evaluated for various capillary pressures that define water saturations. In addition, the results from individual elements are integrated and up-scaled to provide a plug-scale conductivity model to be coupled with various wireline resistivity logs to provide estimates of water saturation logs. This presentation focuses on the integration of physical and digital core analysis methods in developing new resistivity-saturation transformations in a practical and systematic workflow.