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Magnetic Polarity Stratigraphy of the Permian Cutler Group, Paradox Basin Utah: A study of Salt-Sediment Interaction within Fluvial Systems and its applications as an analog for salt-related petroleum systems


Strata of the Permian Cutler Group exposed adjacent to the Onion Creek Salt Diapir, Paradox Basin, Utah, have often been studied to better understand salt-sediment interaction within fluvial systems. Although the lack of fossils makes dating these upper Paleozoic deposits difficult, four geomagnetic polarity reversals are known to have taken place within the inferred age range of deposition of these rocks. I propose to develop an age model for these deposits with magnetic polarity stratigraphy. Oriented samples obtained for magnetic polarity stratigraphy will be prepared and demagnetized in the UTD paleomagnetism laboratory using alternating field and thermal methods to identify remanence characteristics and infer the magnetic polarity record of the complete section. With better chronostratigraphic control, a more accurate sedimentation model can be obtained that could serve as an important analog model for salt related petroleum systems (Gulf of Mexico, Angola, Brazil, etc.).