AAPG Foundation 2019 Grants-in-Aid Projects

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Integrated analysis of seismic attributes and well-logs in reservoir characterization: Seismic facies classification and reservoir facies mapping


The dependence of elastic properties on litho-petrophysical properties, provides tangible opportunities for seismic hydrocarbon-reservoir characterization. In the case of carbonate reservoirs, porosity is the main controlling parameter on seismic P-wave velocity. Our goal is to establish both seismic facies identification and classification and build an understanding of the porosity, in terms of both volume fraction and pore-surface area, and its impact on seismic amplitude. A 3D seismic survey and well-logs data in addition to core samples, are being utilized to validate an observed linear relationship of acoustic impedance and porosity from well-logs. Core samples will be utilized for CT-scans to image and understand carbonate porosity architecture and the impact of petrophysical controls on seismic amplitude (impedance).