--> Zero Emission Geothermal Heat And Power From Gassy Water-Bearing Reservoirs

AAPG European Region, 3rd Hydrocarbon Geothermal Cross Over Technology Workshop

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Zero Emission Geothermal Heat And Power From Gassy Water-Bearing Reservoirs


CLEAG’s (CloZed Loop Energy AG) first project is under construction in Draškovec, Croatia and should be operational before end 2019. Draškovec, located in the Pannonian Basin, was selected for the presence of a prolific aquifer with ideal temperature (around 1800 m depth) and a solution gas content of 0.6%, as well as the availability of end users for thermal heating. The project received the NER300 award of the European Union for low carbon energy solutions in 2014. The construction is based on a standardized heat and power plant system, that produces carbon neutral baseload energy. Similar to a geothermal system, the water from the reservoir is being pumped to the surface and circulated in closed doublets. As the medium reaches the surface, the dissolved gases are separated from the water and electrified with gas engines. The CO2 from this process is washed out of the exhaust and then compressed and internalized with the cold water back into the reservoir or sold to a local CO2 consumer. The hot water (around 100°C) is utilized in an Organic Rankine Cycle, generating additional electricity and the remaining heat is fed to local heat consumers. No gases are released into the environment. Although being innovative, power plant design is standardized and set out for wellhead temperatures of around 100°C, a GWR of 3/1 and has an approximate capacity of 20 MWe and 80 MWth. Deploying only off-the-shelf plant components considerably minimizes the technological risk. The innovation solely stems from the new combination of existing technologies. Moreover, the standardized design drastically decreases the CAPEX of the power plant, making the generated energy cost competitive. The plant is decentralized and functions as a green energy hub with minimal land use per MWh. It is probably the only system that can produce affordable energy at such low temperatures. It is noticed that CLEAG’s technology would be ideally suited for water driven depleted hydrocarbon reservoirs (DHR) with 0.6 to 1.2% mass of solution gas in the water, a residual gas content which is found almost in any DHR. This notion was supported by our Scientific Advisory Board and the advantages speak for themselves: - DHRs are abundant and in ideal cases located innear proximityto cities and other heat consumers (e.g. greenhouses). - DHRs are well researched, reducing the exploration and development risks to a minimum. - Sanitation costs of old wells are high, therefore current owners are interested in passing them on or even paying to get rid of potential liabilities. Potential further locations under consideration are nearby the Draškovec Plant, and other locations in Croatia, Hungary, Serbia and Poland. However, there appear to be potential opportunities in other European Countries (Netherlands, Germany, Italy, France) and anywhere worldwide with DHRs in densely inhabited areas. Company Background: CLEAG is a company registered in Lucerne, Switzerland with registered project companies throughout Europe, all pursuing one common goal: Generate affordable green heat and power from depleted hydrocarbon reservoirs