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Previous HitPalynofaciesNext Hit: An Under-Utilized Tool in the Hydrocarbon Industry. Methodology, and Applications


Palynology, the study of organic fossils, is a widely applied biostratigraphic tool. However, Previous HitpalynofaciesNext Hit, the study of the entire organic assemblage; is hardly used in the hydrocarbon industry. Many classification schemes for Previous HitpalynofaciesNext Hit have been published, of which the classifications after Steffen & Gorin (1993) and Pittet & Gorin (1997) have proven to be best suited for sequence stratigraphic applications. The use of ternary diagrams for paleoenvironmental reconstructions is demonstrated using the AOM-phytoclasts-palynomorph Previous HitkerogenNext Hit plot (after Tyson 1985, 1993). Liptinite-vitrinite-inertinite ratios can be utilized to analyze source rock potential (Dow 1982). In addition, Spore Color Index (SCI) and Thermal Alteration Index (TAI) can be used to estimate the maturity of sediments (Waples 1985).

Previous HitPalynofaciesNext Hit yields a huge potential for geological problem solving, and its application in integrated studies can provide many exploitable synergies: It provides a bridge between biostratigraphy and sedimentology, and is also closely linked to organic petrography and organic geochemistry. Examples will be given to show the versatility of this method in conventional and unconventional settings.


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