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Graphene based sensor for scale monitoring


In this paper we focus on the design and testing of a graphene based sensor for applications in oil industry. The sensor is designed to target the specific need of the oil industry related to monitoring and preventing scale formation in oil pipes. This causes drastic oil production losses and cleaning costs. The strontium ions are the key elements in the formation of the strontium sulfate scale on the inner wall of the oil pipes in certain oil wells. A specially designed graphene based sensor for scale monitoring is designed and tested with different strontium ion concentrations. The sensor showed a good wide sensitivity range from 2.5 kΩ to 18 kΩ resistance change in response to a strontium concentration ranging from 0.01 m/L to 0.25 m/L strontium concentrations. The sensor readings were consistent for a reference solution of deionized water with no strontium ions. The repeatability tests of the sensor were conducted successful and show good results even after a few days.