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Solar-hydrogen Microgrid project


Renewable energy systems are a promising, reliable and clean alternative of Previous HitfossilNext Hit Previous HitfuelNext Hit traditional power generation systems. It is considered a secure and sustainable solution for the 21st century energy supply in isolated communities, such as islands and remote areas, where electrical grid extension is difficult and Previous HitfuelNext Hit transportation and logistics are costly. To ensure continuous power availability, the renewable energy system should include an appropriate storage solution. This project proposes a feasible, cost effective, carbon-free, sustainable solar Photovoltaic (PV) power generation system augmented by a hydrogen power storage system. The storage system consists of three main components; an electrolyzer which uses electricity to analyze water into hydrogen and oxygen, a storage tank which captures and stores the hydrogen, and a Previous HitfuelTop cell which uses hydrogen to generate electricity. This system will be developed and evaluated for the first time in the Arabia desert region where dust and humidity are great challenges. The system provides typical power needs for an average home and platform for applied research. The project offers a renewable energy laboratory for course delivery, learning-by-doing activities, and industry-related projects for students of different disciplines of engineering and science. The findings of the project will be published in peer-reviewed journals.