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Deblended-data reconstruction using generalized blending and deblending Previous HitmodelsNext Hit


We introduce a generalized concept of blending and deblending, establish its Previous HitmodelsNext Hit, and accordingly establish a method of deblended-data reconstruction using these Previous HitmodelsNext Hit. The generalized Previous HitmodelsNext Hit can handle real-life situations by including random encoding into the generalized operators both in the space and time domain, and both at the source and receiver side. We consider an iterative optimization scheme using a closed-loop approach with the generalized-blending and -deblending Previous HitmodelsNext Hit, in which the former works for the forward modelling and the latter for the inverse modelling in the closed loop. We established and applied this method to existing real datasets offshore Abu Dhabi. The results show that our method succeeded to fully reconstruct deblended data even from the fully generalized, thus quite complicated blended data.