47th Annual AAPG-SPE Eastern Section Joint Meeting

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Oil and Gas Fields Trends and Its Main Controls on the Occurrence in Onshore Simenggaris Area, Tarakan Basin, Indonesia


Oil and gas fields in Simenggaris distributed in a unique trend that can recognized based on its lineation. There are two major trends, the NW-SE trend, which dominated by oil accumulation and the NE-SW trend, which dominated by gas accumulation. The occurrence of those behaviours mainly controlled by three main constraints; those are (1) time of source rock expulsion and (2) time of trap formation and (3) position of trap to the potential kitchen location. In this paper, we integrated numerous data from geology (biostratigraphy and depositional environment), geophysics (2D seismic interpretation), and geochemistry (gas isotope, oil biochemistry, and burial history) to support and generate comprehensive interpretation. We trying to get a robust perspective on how those three constraints interplay and create the trends of oil and gas accumulations, particularly for Onshore Simenggaris area.