Petroleum Drilling Techniques, Issue 4, 2018

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Current Status and Application Prospects of Mud Logging in Russia


Russia owns abundant oil and gas resources. Mud logging plays an important role in oil-gas exploration and development. Although Russia initiated mud logging quite early, the techniques have been developing slowly in recent years. Mud logging technologies in China are quite different from Russia, and they are complementary. To use the experience of Russia as a reference and to improve our mud logging technologies, we analyzed the current techniques and characteristics of Russian mud logging in many aspects such as development of mud logging instruments, drilling parameters, gas parameters, geological parameters, logging information and have summarized them in this paper. Compared with mud logging in China, Russian mud logging technologies have advantages in the instrument layout, sensor style and so on. On the other hand, Chinese mud-logging technologies have advantages in terms of instrumentation, quantitative analysis of gas, logging information, and special technology. Therefore, in order to improve our mud logging technologies and to narrow the gap between Chinese and Russian mud-logging, we should introduce the advanced mud logging technology from Russia.