Petroleum Drilling Techniques, Issue 4, 2018

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Artificial Lifting Technology Applied in Ultra-Deep & Super-Heavy Oil Reservoirs of the Tahe Oilfield


The ultra-deep and ultra-heavy oil reservoirs of the Tahe Oilfield often experience problems with artificial lift. Specifically, they face insufficient deep sucking, frequent string fractures, high costs in heavy oil diluting and thinning in wellbore, and a high failure rate with the down-hole pump. These problems are complicated by the nature of the reservoirs, referred to as "two ultras and five highs". In order to overcome the problems, relevant techniques were developed. They included a large belt driving pumping unit, large displacement pump, load reducing and deep pumping technology and a high-temperature and heavy-oil tolerant electrical pump, forming technologies like light oil mixing gas lifting, heavy oil composite lifting, and heavy oil screw pump lifting. In addition, we proposed corresponding measures to overcome the main challenges encountered in reservoir development. In the end, we used our findings to improve efficiency to contribute to the successful for efficient and economic development of reservoirs in the Tahe Oilfield.