--> Full Waveform Inversion as an Exploration Tool in Myanmar

AAPG Asia Pacific Region, The 4th AAPG/EAGE/MGS Myanmar Oil and Gas Conference:
Myanmar: A Global Oil and Gas Hotspot: Unleashing the Petroleum Systems Potential

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Full Waveform Inversion as an Exploration Tool in Myanmar


Full waveform inversion (FWI) is the only method for producing very high-resolution seismic velocity models of the subsurface. Woodside has been conducting FWI on Myanmar data since 2015, running on a dedicated computing cluster for smaller models and on the Cloud for larger, higher resolution models. The soft sediments and deep waters in Myanmar have proved conducive to FWI, allowing us to provide deeper model updates than initially expected. The resulting velocity models have improved resolution and accuracy compared to the original tomographic models, resulting in improved seismic images, but also providing insights from direct interpretation for pore pressure prediction, shallow hazards analysis, 2D and 3D reconnaissance, gas indication, reservoir compartmentalisation, trap integrity and volumetrics. We present a brief introduction to FWI and how it is run at Woodside and a series of images demonstrating the utility of FWI in exploration in Myanmar.