--> Real-Time Updating of 3d Reservoir Model Structural Frameworks

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Real-Time Updating of 3d Reservoir Model Structural Frameworks


2D Conformal Modeling (2DCM) is a technique developed at Saudi Aramco for building and maintaining 3D structural frameworks, especially with high-angle horizontal wells. 2D representations of the model (maps and cross sections) are used to achieve a very high degree of accuracy and precision of the 3D structural framework. 2DCM is proposed as the standard technique for accurately and efficiently interpreting horizontal wells and constructing structural frameworks. In addition to accurately representing the geological observations at each point along the entire horizontal well, it efficiently enables interpreters to update the models while drilling. Real-time grids updated using 2DCM workflows improve well placement and updating of the 3D structural model as we drill.In addition , the 2DCM workflow ensures the correct shape and position of the structural grid relative to the borehole, yielding better simulation and history matching results. In horizontal wells, other framework techniques, such as isochore stacking or grid flexing, fail to produce the correct shape with respect to the borehole interpretation. Updating the framework accurately while drilling using the latest data transmitted and incorporating all nearby vertical and horizontal wells is the only technique available today to see ahead of the bit by creating a predictive model.