AAPG Middle East Region GTW, Maximizing Asset Value: Integrating Geoscience with Reservoir Management & Facilities Optimization

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Integrating Dynamic Reservoir Modelling with Full Field Planning: Optimization Toolkit


The single well dynamic reservoir modelling using Nexus take into consideration the reservoir properties around single well honouring vertical heterogeneity while assuming static properties are the same laterally in every layer. This model is used to assess the early productivity of the well and also used into building the full field production profile summing up all wells based on their drilling and hooking up programs using Siraaj (BP’s proprietary reservoir management software for field planning and optimization). In the presence of some early actual production data from the field, the cyclic process between Nexus and Siraaj helps calibrating the well productivity and potential. Using Siraaj, the well & reservoir properties (Spacing, production profiles, Reservoir quality and resource density) can be altered very quickly and hence observing the effect of any change in a well and field level. This kind of sensitivity work help better optimize the future wells in term of their production profiles, spacings, drilling timings and locations. The interference behaviour of multiple wells can be indirectly addressed in Siraaj by changing the well spacing and updated production profiles from Nexus which can eventually result in converging to more accurate estimation of the full field potential and optimize the gathering system CAPEX in more productive areas.