--> An Integrated Conceptual Fracture Study for A Field, Northern Oman

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An Integrated Conceptual Fracture Study for A Field, Northern Oman


The studied field is the part of anticlinal high and the most matured developed field in the asset targeting carbonate reservoir of Cretaceous age. The field started production around 40 years back through depletion followed by waterflood line drive since 30years from mainly vertical wells development. The northern most part of the field is known to be fractured with a dominant trend along NW-SE. The presence of sub seismic fractures plays an important role on fluid-flow and has significant impact on the well performance in that part of the field with relatively poor recovery compared to field level recovery. The latest FDP for the field has poor history match due to non-existence of fractures in the model and recommended to have detailed analysis for fracture network mapping to mature the associated volume. During 2016-17, the integrated conceptual fracture study was carried out in that part of the field using different internal databases and modeling tools. The study consists of:- • Detailed analysis of multidisciplinary static and dynamic dataset • Mapping of conceptual fracture network calibrated with WRM Interference test • Generate different fracture scenarios • Simulation of fracture scenarios to improve the History Match and • Evaluate the Development Strategy The study has significant WRM/Development Business Impact that includes:- • WRM / Short term Aspect: 1. Improve the performance through optimization at well level – secure the NFA • Development / Long term Aspect: 2. Improve the History match – incorporate fracture scenario 3. Improve the EUR - Optimize the 2P Undeveloped volume 4. Unlock / Mature the pre- DG3 volume The integrated analysis of multidisciplinary dataset is the major step to better understand the fracture bevaiour linked with well performance to achieve the key business value drivers of NFA and future development strategy.