AAPG Middle East Region GTW, Maximizing Asset Value: Integrating Geoscience with Reservoir Management & Facilities Optimization

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Evolution of Geological Understanding at “A” Field, Sultanate of Oman; Impact on Well and Reservoir Management


Over the last 2 – 3 years, an integrated review of an extensive cross-discipline dataset has been carried out at “A” Field. This has resulted in significant changes to the base case model:- - Flanks are flatter, and bounded by major faults - The presence of intra-field faults has been demonstrated - An internal stratigraphic sub-division for the main reservoir has been defined The above elements have been updated into the field’s subsurface models. Significant WRM/Business Impact is being realized in several areas:- - An improved understanding of the link between the geology and well performance is providing input to WRM activities/production optimization - Additional volumes are being confirmed and monetized through flank appraisal/development drilling - Geomechanical modeling of the faults and production parameters has helped to reduce uncertainty related to the risk of fault re-activation. Real-time surveillance is being provided by 6 Micro-Seismic wells - Additional high potential near-field opportunities are being matured for drilling The development of a workflow-based semi-regional, full stratigraphic model has been key to the rapid identification and execution of the identified opportunities.