AAPG Middle East Region, Second EAGE/AAPG Hydrocarbon Seals of the Middle East Workshop

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Quick Top Seal Effectiveness Screening using Petroleum System 1D models


Petroleum System 1D modeling is readily available to the “average” geoscientist doing evaluations and assessments of leads and prospects. PS1D can give an estimate of the hydrocarbon column that the seal can hold on their particular structure. This is a huge factor in estimating volumes and is often “analogued” to other discoveries that are likely unrelated. In worse cases, it is estimated. This hydrocarbon column height estimate can be used as a screening factor between leads which have enough sealing capacity to hold an “economic” hydrocarbon column. It can be used to screen out prospects that will never be big enough to consider. APS1D on the crest of the structure evaluates the seal effectiveness timing. This PS1D can be combined with the results from a PS1D run in the kitchen areas for the prospect to show how the timing of generation and migration from these kitchens compares to when the seal reached effectiveness at the crest of the structure. Any competent geoscientist should be able to learn to take their knowledge of the prospect’s geology, and with a little help from a more experience modeler, generate their own PS1D models.