AAPG Middle East Region GTW, Digital Subsurface Transformation

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The Challenge of Identifying Subsurface Stratigraphic Layers While Drilling


A wealth of historical research and information has contributed to our understanding of the subsurface. Since the description of each distinct subsurface geological layer is quite unique, the underlying rocks reveal much more detail about the layer. This offers the geologist the ability to describe subsurface properties during well drilling; via analysis of rock types and properties from the mud and then marking the depth and location for each subsurface layer. Currently, the geologist depends on a manual process and their experience to describe each subsurface layer. The proposed solution will simplify and automate the identification process for subsurface layers by integrating big data and deep learning technologies into the process. Whenever the geologist monitors a well during drilling and analyzes the rocks that come out with the mud and its properties; the solution will be able to offer suggestions for subsurface layers by integrating the collected data with past data that resides in the Company’s various repositories. This will enhance the geologists understanding for the subsurface layers; enabling them to properly define subsurface layers.