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Digital Asset Register Verification


Safety of the assets is one of the key elements for safe operations. Complete asset registration in the company’s maintenance system with an assigned and active maintenance plan will insure that equipment are maintained and inspected before incidents occur. To date in PDO there has been no means to measure the completeness and correctness of our Asset Register and As Built drawings. In addition, Process safety incidents keep informing us that we have gaps in our asset register. A new data driven digital approach was introduced to compare the equipment referenced in the asset register and the as built drawings. This digital approach provides a measure of how complete the asset register is. Using tools developed in house and a new automated approach improves quality and efficiency while reducing associated time and costs. An integrated dashboard shows the gaps and different areas for improvement providing constant feedback for continuous improvement. Applying this digital approach has enabled us to sustain and manage our asset register/as built in a more effective and efficient way.