AAPG Middle East Region GTW, Digital Subsurface Transformation

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Leveraging the Power of Digital and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Transform the E&P Workflow


The world and the way businesses operate has fundamentally changed. Digital technologies and AI now comprise an integral part of our day to day lives and are shaping the success of organizations who choose to embrace it or fail to adapt. For the oil and gas industry, embracing the digital transformation could unlock significant revenue and huge opportunities to gain new insights and drive business impact. By integrating digital technologies with prediction and automation, we can transform the existing community into one that removes the silos of our industry, whilst unleashing considerable productivity increases in informed and insightful decision making. The roles of Petroleum Engineers, Geoscientists and Data Scientist are essential to the success of a digitally-driven solution, reliant on their ability to train machines to rapidly and intelligently undertake repetitive tasks, subsequently allowing for more time spent by experts on generating valuable insight. This talk highlights the proven value of both digital and AI in the industry, with examples of rapid application areas in which we are already making significant strides forward. With proof points across E&P lifecycle “Petrophysics (AI-driven wellbore interpretation), Geoscience (AI-driven seismic interpretation & Structure Modeling), Drilling (Data driven- digital drilling program) and Production (Analytics & AI-driven Production efficiency)”, we are beginning to see the real value of utilizing these new technologies to transform the E&P workflow.