--> Intelligence Enables Forward Drilling

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Intelligence Enables Forward Drilling


This paper describes the advanced utilization of real-time operational data to create real-time intelligent solutions for analysis, prediction and proactive mitigation of drilling troubles. In the oil and gas industry, proactive measures using real-time data not only improve the efficiency of operations, they also can be used to minimize fatal incidents. Complex drilling adversities leading to nonproductive time could be predicted and mitigated in a timely manner to optimize drilling. These mishaps can range from a stuck pipe, poor hole cleaning, or well control issues. Comparative monitoring and analysis of real-time optimization and advisory models with respect to the actual model creates a unique application for this era. Such an application suite is of great benefit for the Real-Time Operations Center (RTOC) to automate the process of monitoring critical hole sections. A set of intelligent systems with advanced capabilities has been developed to support operational decision-making effectively and in a timely manner. The advanced capabilities include continuous monitoring, developing and dynamically updating planned models, displaying the actual model for each run for various operational incidents including tripping in, tripping out, on bottom rotation, pick-up, and slack-off with customizable filters and templates. It also provides real-time information on friction and hole issues in deviated drilling wells. The systems also support the ability to compare real-time data with historical data, and allow users to shift planned models in accordance with the real-time actual ROP, MSE, ECD, SPP, and torque values being streamed from the rig site