AAPG Middle East Region GTW, Digital Subsurface Transformation

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Digital Transformation and the Convergence of New Emerging Digital Technologies


Digital Transformation is a journey which stems from strong beliefs in digital economy by senior management supported by a digital transformation strategy. Strategy is much more difficult to deploy than develop and it may only be achieved when the transformation is led by CEOs reinforced by mature capabilities. Unfortunately, most digital transformation initiatives have failed in the past and many more will fail in the future. These failures have been mainly due to organizations undertaking digital change instead of digital transformation in addition to the lack of capabilities and non-readiness of the company to manage this transformation. New digital emerging technologies remain the backbone and the enabler of any digital transformation activities. The digitization of operations, workforce, marketing and new digital business models will be realized by the convergence of all new emerging digital technologies through new products/services, price, customer experience and platform values. In this talk, data science, machine learning, analytics, big data, IOT and their interrelationships will be demonstrated. Subsurface examples of how digital initiatives could help the industry by improving efficiency, avoiding trips, reducing unplanned downtime and transforming from time-based to condition-based maintenance will also be illustrated.