--> Data Dashboard Through Gis And Visualization

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Data Dashboard Through Gis And Visualization


As E&P data become numerous, understanding the data becomes much more sophisticated. Keeping data in textual or tabular formats may not be the best way to quickly familiarize yourself with large amount of data or information in such a competitive E&P environment. To improve user’s ability in this regard, dashboard concept is implemented. In order to build proper dashboard system, the primary display must include up-to-date data and information. The proper way to do this automatic update is to create set of scripts on database side. By doing so allows the dashboard system to easily connect directly to latest data source. Any update on the database would be pushed up to the dashboard with little effort. Choosing visualization method in dashboard is also another important factor to make data more understandable. GIS map view has been chosen as the primary display – showing activity updates – while numerical data is visualized by using various kinds of graphs. However, only building the visualization is undoubtably not enough for the end goal. Accessibility has to be considered as well. Nowadays, advancement in web application technology allows user to access complex application with only just web browser. With the trend of web technology, modern visualization systems mostly tie with web service one way or another. Using this to our advantage, the visualization we created has been setup as web accessible – bringing the information to the user’s fingertip. With all things considered, user only needs a link to the visualization page to understand the data in quick manner – turning tons of text and table into something quick and easily digested in competitive E&P environment.