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Seismically Guided Inversion of Previous HitMagnetotelluricNext Hit, Gravity, and Magnetic Data in Yamagawa Geothermal Area, Japan


In this paper we introduce 3D inversion technique for Previous HitmagnetotelluricNext Hit (Previous HitMTNext Hit), gravity, and magnetic data, which incorporates seismic constraints. Reliable and reasonable 3D models of multiple physical properties, which can be recovered from 3D inversions of multiple geophysical data, are required to interpret complex geological structures appropriately. However, the geophysical inverse problem is ill-posed, i.e., non-unique and unstable, especially for the case of 3D problem. Appropriate a priori models or constraints can help solving this ill-posed problem. The developed technique can take into account the constraints based on seismic and well-log data. We have applied the developed Previous HitmethodNext Hit to the interpretation of Previous HitMTNext Hit, gravity, and magnetic data acquired in Yamagawa geothermal area, Japan. The results show that the developed Previous HitmethodTop can recover more reliable and reasonable 3D models of multiple physical properties. Also, these results can help interpreting the complex geological structures in the survey area.