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Reservoir Optimization, mechanical stratigraphy and stress field orientation in the Woodford Shale SCOOP (South Central Oklahoma Oil Province) play. A Case Study from Grady County Oklahoma


The SCOOP (South Central Oklahoma Oil Province), has been one of the most competitive Lower 48 unconventional play areas in terms of persistent rig count, even with the current low oil and gas prices. With the goal of identifying and differentiating first the most efficient and successful completion practices from potential reservoir controls, this study analyzed the completion parameters from 405 horizontal wells, located in five different Oklahoma counties (Garvin, Grady, McClain, Murray, and Stephens), drilled by 15 different operator companies and with hydrocarbon production allocated exclusively to the Woodford Shale (WDS). As result, two preferred amounts of proppant/fracking fluids by lateral length have been identified. However, more proppant/fracking fluids pumped and longer horizontal sections are not clearly correlated with a higher hydrocarbon production (First month IP30 and First Year Production). In many cases, the best production seems to be affected predominantly by reservoir (geomechanical) properties (WDS landing zone) and the principal stresses field orientation.