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How to find Oil Using Geochemical Exploration


While there is a lot of information about various aspects of geochemical exploration, this study is about how to fit all the pieces together. Since exploration effectiveness is limited by the weakest parts in the process, all the pieces must be compatible and reliable.

Numerous choices have to be made about sample design, sample spacing, sampling techniques, analysis methods, mapping, interpretation, and integration. All these decisions impact results. Guidelines about how to make the right choices are essential to success.

Making things even more complex, geochem methods are divided into direct (measuring petroleum hydrocarbons) and indirect (measuring something related to petroleum). Each of these categories contain many different methods. Budget and exploration goals drive the choices. Since exploration goals range from reconnaissance to finding drill locations, different methods will be required to achieve different goals throughout this range. If, for example, an exploration goal is to drill a successful well, integration of independent techniques is an optimum choice.