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Reviving Mature Oil Fields Through Nanofluidity (making money from mature oil fields - Early Adoption of a disruptive Innovation)


Operators and owners of mature US oil fields face many challenges. Since most mature fields are under secondary recovery and are often associated with decades of flat and declining production, the conventional way to improve the economics is to reduce lease operating expenses, which are usually increasing. Add to this lower prices, increased regulatory and environmental pressures and you create an overwhelming sense of economic hopelessness for many operators. Enercat downhole tools released by Revelant to the onshore US oil industry at URTEC in August 2016 offers relief. Through nanofluidity technology, the Enercat stabilizes the molecular dispersion of oil emulsion, thereby preventing asphaltene flocculation and promoting molecular solubility that prevents paraffin crystallization and scale precipitation and deposition. As an innovative production optimization solution, the Enercat substantially reduces lease operating expense while stabilizing and usually increasing average production. This results in positive long-term economic changes to many presently sub-economic wells resulting in reduced fixed costs.