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Power up for what?


What is your goal? Time Constraints? Etc. Often it pays off to look back and see where we came from. This can save time and money.

I have worked in all areas of the Permian Basin during my career. I've been most fortunate to do this for more than 67 years – always from Midland.

The man who originally hired me said “be active in the geological society and you cannot have too many friends in the geological community”. Also, “the best place to look for oil is where it has already been found” and if a well is drilled to basement rocks and all shows adequately tested – you have condemned 40 acres – maybe!”

While working on various committees, I was able to see what other companies were doing in their exploration programs. For many of those early years I know I learned far more than I contributed to each project. I was working alongside and with many of the GIANTS of geological knowledge. NO, I do not know it all – I am still learning.

One disturbing view point seems to have always been with us – geologists are to be tolerated – just don't listen to them.

So, let's consider some various ideas on how to make our explorations programs more effective and successful.