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Opportunities for Geoscientists Beyond the Conventional


Geologists have and share a unique set of characteristics. They are curious, have a vivid imagination and possess an undaunted spirit. They look for answers to what, why, where, how and when. They have substantial communication skills both verbally and written. They are technologically savvy. There are many employment opportunities that require these skills in addition to those found in the oil and gas and energy minerals exploration and extraction industries. Career paths may include energy management, transportation such as interstate pipelines, natural gas utilities, electric utilities, state and federal regulatory agencies, and industrial energy consumers, government facilities, and military installations. To access these pathways one must understand energy sources from the geological concept to the burner tip. How a resource is used, baseload versus peaking and how it is priced. How reserves, production and storage are calculated. One must know the variables and constants affecting energy commodity prices from one geographic area to another. One must know the economics behind alternative energy resources and what drives their acceptance. Finally, you have to be able to sell yourselves, your knowledge, credentials and attitude.