AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition

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Pitfalls and Unicorns: Secrets to a Successful Career While Chasing Hydrocarbons


The Great Crew Change is accelerating. Period. It is universally agreed that there will be a need for geoscientists over the next 2-3 decades. Mentoring, motivating, and career advancement assistance is essential NOW for equipping the next generation of geoscientists who will be responsible for fulfilling the world's energy needs. Exploration acumen goes beyond the mouse pad. Important ingredients for the success gumbo include: Recognizing your bias's; seeking contrary views; acting as though you are spending your own money; recognize your strengths; learning from your mistakes; and HATE failure. Job security involves being a task master, knowing the bosses next command before he does (creating value without direction), and taking on the tasks that others avoid. On the flip side, one must be wary of: Unrealized insufficient expertise; un-recognized compulsiveness; scientific inclusiveness, excessive detail (missed opportunities); miss-interpretation of the big picture, and bad advice. Productivity efficiency and its close cousin emotional intelligence (EQ), cannot be underestimated in the world of bottom lines and quarterly stock reports. First and foremost is the importance of focus. In this new world of insatiable and ever constant cyber distractions, well established cures include: Self-imposed deadlines; prioritizing and listing; compartmentalizing large projects; minimizing clutter, and trying to maintain a consistent work environment. Last but not least, understand that professional volunteerism is not a chore, but an opportunity for career advancement. The office environment is NOT the end all be all vehicle for personal growth. Involvement with the geological community can advance your people skills, organizational skills, and delegating skills; enhance your self-esteem, and establish important long term networking tentacles. This abstract marks the 100th Anniversary of the AAPG. Are you ready to lead us into the next 100 years?