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Determination of Three Tectonic Styles in the Western Margin of Ordos Basin Using HD Seismic


The western margin of Ordos Basin, which China's largest oil field lies in, is famous for its complex tectonic style. Scholars have studied the structure of this area for many years, but no conclusion has been made due to the poor seismic data. This paper shows the latest research results using high density seismic. To the north and northwest of the western margin is the Alashan block, the southwest is the Liupanshan Arc thrust system, and it is connected with the southern end of the Qinling Qilian fold tectonic belt. The western margin of Ordos Basin has great potential for oil and gas exploration with 80 km wide and 600 km long from north to south. High density seismic data shows the western margin thrust belt has three tectonic styles, with a thin-skinned structure and a thick-skinned structure in the middle and the south. ZZS - HSB is the north part, where steep thrust faults and ramp reverse faults developed. The fault anticline and fault block are prospective for oil and gas exploration.