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Integrated Reservoir Modeling for Water Flooding in Deep-Water, GOM


Significant depletion resulting from limited or no aquifer support is a common reason for water flooding in onshore fields but, despite similar issues in deep-water fields, water flooding is not nearly as common. This presentation will review the reservoir modeling work done to support an upcoming water flood pilot in the deep-water Gulf of Mexico, which follows very good results from water flooding seen in another producing reservoir in the field. The modeling work, a collaborative effort between the development team and technology experts, incorporated seismic interpretation, core and log data, and historical production and pressure data, to create a probabilistic, history-matched reservoir model using proprietary, assisted history-matching software. An internally developed web-based modeling workflow was also essential to the modeling process and final project documentation. This model will be used to evaluate the water flood pilot, potential incremental recovery, in-fill development opportunities, and future reservoir management plans.