--> Educational/Leadership Forum 2.0—Foundational Talks for the Gulf of Mexico


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Educational/Leadership Forum 2.0—Foundational Talks for the Gulf of Mexico


Helping to energize the 2015 convention theme—“Leadership, Technology, Discovery, Education”—we will host an Educational/Leadership Forum 2.0 of Foundational Talks for the Gulf of Mexico designed to educate the young and experienced geoscientists on core topics concerning Gulf Coast geology. This was a highly successful program at the 2014 GCAGS convention, held in Lafayette, Louisiana, and we are proud to build on that initiative. Coming together in one room will be six globally recognized experts on the Gulf of Mexico: Scott Tinker, John Dribus, Brian Horn, John Snedden, Richard K. Stoneburner, and Charlie Kerans. These world renowned scientists will share their areas of expertise on why the Gulf of Mexico is one of the richest hydrocarbon provinces in the world, a “fertile crescent” of resources, technology, and ingenuity.

Topics include large scale thinking on: New rules in Mexico, turbidite reservoirs, mega-regional structure, deepwater depositional systems, a story of success and unconventional work flows in the Eagle Ford shale, and carbonate reservoirs from Florida to Mexico. Globally recognized big picture experts on the Gulf of Mexico will address key geoscience elements with mega-regional scale implications.

The speakers will be:

  • •Scott Tinker–Texas State Geologist and Director, Bureau of Economic Geology (BEG)
  • •John Dribus–Global Geosciences Advisor, Schlumberger;
  • •Brian Horn–Vice President, ION Geophysical;
  • •John Snedden–Director, Gulf Basin Depositional Synthesis Project;
  • •Richard K. Stoneburner–Past President and COO Petrohawk, and AAPG Distinguished Lecturer; and
  • •Charlie Kerans–Professor and R. K. Goldhammer Chair of Carbonate Geology, UT Austin.
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    Speakers will address foundational insights over broad Gulf of Mexico geography. The audience will have opportunities to learn from and question these thought leaders on core topics of great importance to the Gulf of Mexico.