Eastern Section Meeting

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Southeastern Ohio Pt Pleasant: A Shale Play?


There is no doubt that the Utica and its Pt Pleasant member in Washington and Monroe counties in Ohio can produce prolific amounts of gas from horizontal wells. The real questions arise when trying to justify the amount of gas and the speed at which it is produced compared to current petrophysical analysis of gas in place. In many cases there is simply too much gas being produced, and the speed at which it is produced is not supported by data collected on the reservoir.

This presentation will use actual data gathered from wells in Southeastern Ohio to bring to light discrepancies between petrophysical analyses, propose theories on actual reservoir conditions, and present evidence to support said theories. ODNR production, seismic, geosteering, XRF/XRD, core data, and flow back data will be used to explore the possibility that additional reservoirs contribute to this play.