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Application of High-Previous HitResolutionNext Hit Seismic Reflection to Groundwater Resource


High-Previous HitresolutionNext Hit seismic reflection has been successfully applied to groundwater resource. Within the scope of the water resources studies, two high Previous HitresolutionNext Hit seismic reflection profiles were carried out to provide estimates of the depth to the bedrock and to detect any geological faults present in the area, which may affect the hydro-geological system at south of Riyadh area. The purpose of the this study is to demonstrate what kind of information can be obtained and what kind of problems can be solved using high-Previous HitresolutionTop seismic reflection. The bedrock reflection is clearly present in all sites. The depth of the bedrock at site 1 was approximately 700 meters, 950 meters at site 2. The bedrock depth obtained from the seismic agreed with the well information. We developed a clear understanding of the bedrock in the study area and mapped its depth as well as mapped some of the clear fault locations.