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Highlights From The Symposium: Oil, Gas, And Groundwater In California


Highlights from the Long Beach Symposium - Oil, Gas, and Groundwater in California: Wise Production and Protection of Our Valuable Natural Resources by Jean B. Kulla, K2 Enviro, Inc. In mid-February a joint symposium was held in Long Beach, Ca. presented by the Groundwater Association of California and the Los Angeles Basin Geological Society, sponsored in-part by Pacific Section AAPG. The purpose of the symposium was to bring together petroleum industry and groundwater professionals, policy-makers, regulators, and academia to hear the latest information and science, developing policies, and regulations on petroleum well stimulation. A partial list of Speakers included: Dr. Donald Paul, Executive Director of USC Energy Institute; Jon Parker, General Manager, Kern Water Bank; Don Clarke, AAPG, 2014-15 Distinguished Ethics Lecturer; Dr. Jane Long CCST; Steve Bohlen, State Oil and Gas Supervisor; Dr. Norman Warpinski, Pinnacle-Halliburton Research; Ned Clayton, Schlumberger; Dr. Ted Frankiewicz, SPEC Services; John Borkovich, SWRCB; and Justin Kulongoski, USGS. Topics included: Production and Protection of Hydrocarbon and Groundwater Resources in California; Petroleum and Groundwater Activities in California; Status on DOGGR compliance schedule and new rules; Industry Activities and Technologies for groundwater monitoring, monitoring reservoir stimulation, well competency, and production water conservation; and SB4 and SWRCB activities. Highlights, updates, and conclusions of the symposium will be presented. Where do we go from here?