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LASSIE: A High Density Short Duration Broadband Seismic Survey Of The Los Angeles Basin


LASSIE (Los Angeles Syncline Seismic Interferometry Experiment) is a collaborative experiment between industry and academia to operate a high density short duration broadband seismic survey across the Los Angeles Basin. The survey consists of a linear array of broadband seismic stations that transect an area from the Long Beach harbor to the foothills north of Whittier with a high density 3D array of instruments over the Long Beach oil field and a portion of the Wilmington oil field. The industry objective of this survey is to derive seismic velocity information from ambient-noise surface waves, and use it to improve subsurface reflection images of the Long Beach oil field. The academic interest is to image the Los Angeles Basin with receiver functions and seismic interferometry. 73 broadband instruments were used in the deployment, which occurred Sept 21 to Nov 17, 2014. The data is archived at the IRIS Data Management Center and will be open access after a two-year exclusivity period. A number of large teleseismic earthquakes occurred during the survey including three M7 or greater. Preliminary results show that teleseismic earthquakes are well recorded at long periods even in the noisy urban environment of the Los Angeles Basin.