--> Recovering Dip Data From Resurrected Dip Meter Logs

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Recovering Dip Data From Resurrected Dip Meter Logs


When original interpretation dip meter deliverables are no longer available, or are considered suspect, interpretable and useable dip data can be recovered from paper or electronic copies of “Vintage” field dip meter logs, i.e. four pad, single or two button tools. Satisfactory results can be obtained from a 5 inch = 100′ paper log plot (or scanned tiff). Interpretations based on the resurrected data may be better than any original computer-generated interpretation, as the work flow centers on: 1) An experienced analyst manually picking, editing and interpreting “events” and 2) Integrating iterative feedback from the end-user geologist. Most picks will likely be bedding dips; however, it may be possible to speculate about some picks which are otherwise including: legitimate fractures, faults, and/or possibly stratigraphic dips. A general workflow is described followed by discussion of several examples.