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Pakistan Association of Petroleum Geoscientists
Energy Revolution Through Hydrocarbon Resources
November 26-27, 2013, Islamabad, Pakistan
Appreciation is expressed to
Mr. Azam Malik Co-chair of ATC for PAPG 2013 Conference,
Mr. Abdul Wahid Chugtai, Chairman PAPG,
and Mr. Mohsin Munir for providing the abstracts.

Search and Discovery Article #90208 (2015)

Posted January 26, 2015


TGS Evaluation: An Overview of Key Challenges and Best Practices for Resource Evaluation,
      Muhammad Aasim, Sajjad Akhtar, Mustafa Atiq, Aamir Rasheed, Kamran Aziz, and Muhammad Ibrahim

Basin Modeling of Margalla Hill Limestone (Hazara Basin), Pakistan and its Relationship with Equivalent Paleofacies in Potwar,
      Javeria Abeer, Tahseenullah Khan, and Birkheiz Aslam Shami

An Integrated Approach for Establishing Sequence Stratigraphic Framework of Lower Goru Succession in Bobi, Chak 5 Dim South and Mithrao Fields,
      Ayyaz Ahmad, Mohsin Munir, Waqar A. Khan, Ammar Ahmad, and Muhammad Zeeshan Baig

How the Shadow Effect of a Strong Reflector was Resolved to Identify a Stratigraphic Trap,
      Nasir Ahmad and Aamer Rasheed

Exploring the Infra-Cambrian Petroleum System in Punjab Platform, Pakistan: Lessons Learned From Bahawalpur X-1,
      Abrar Ahmad, Umar Farooq, Tahir Javed, Atif Mir, and Mohsin Ali

Mitigation Exploration Risk of Jurassic Reservoir by Seismic Inversion, Penobscot Area, Sable Sub Basin Nova Scotia, Offshore, Canada,
      Qadeer Ahmad, Anwar Qadir, and Mohsin Munir

Challenges to Exploit Shale Gas in Pakistan,
      Nasir Ahmad and Claudio Nicolai

Mesozoic Structural Architecture of the Middle Indus Basin, Pakistan – Controls and Implications,
      Waqas Ahmed, Adil Azeem, Muhammad Faraz Abid, Aamir Rasheed, and Kamran Aziz

Effects of Pore Fluid on Seismic and Elastic Properties of Reservoir Rock of Injra-01 Western Potwar, Pakistan,
      Taqaddus Ali, Zia ud Din, Perveiz Khalid, and Nisar Ahmed

Integrated Seismic Interpretation, 2D Modeling and Petrophysical Analysis of Missa Keswal Area with Special Emphasis on Gassmann Fluid Substitutions Based on AVO Modeling,
      Nayima Hameed, Aqsa Anees, Nosheen Akhtar, and Ayesha Abbas

Architecture and Sedimentology of Paleogene-Early Miocene Submarine Fan Complex in Washuk-Palantak Area, Northern Makran Accretionary Prism, Pakistan: An Outcrop Study>,
      Abid Hussain, Moin Raza Khan, and Muddassar Ahmad

Microfacies Analysis of the Paleocene Carbonate Rocks of Kala Chitta, Kohat-Potowar and Salt Range, Pakistan,
      Muhammad Zubair Idrees and Nazir Ahmad

The Petrographic Granulometric Studies of Early Permian Warchha Sandstone, Salt Range, Pakistan,
      Nayyer Iqbal, Aamir Yaseen, Mohsin Munir, and Ammar Ahmad

Structural Evolution and Deformation Style Deciphered Through Integrated Seismic Structural Model of Shakardarra, Kohat, Pakistan,
      Faizan Jan, Arsalan Saeed, Muhammad Adnan, Hamaad Ghani, Amir Malik, and Irum Khan

A Balanced Cross Section from Balkasar to Lillah across Central Salt Range, Kallar Kahar Punjab, Pakistan,
      Ehtisham Javed, Humaad Ghani, Irum Khan, and Arsalan Saeed

Modeled Stress Perturbation at Cooper Basin Fault Tips,
      Ehtesham Karatela

Structural Geometry of the Manzai Fold and Thrust Belt, Northern Sulaiman Range, Pakistan,
      Amjad Ali Khan, Sajjad Ahmad, and Muhammad Zafarullah

An Integrated Approach for Assessment of Lower Goru Reservoir Quality in Western Part of Badin Area, Lower Indus Basin, Pakistan,
      Moin Raza Khan, Muhammad Iqbal, Ammar Ahmad, Ghulam Murtaza, and Waqar A. Khan

SFD® (Stress Field Detection) and its Integration with Seismic in Kharan Forearc Basin and its Implications for Hydrocarbon Exploration in a Frontier Area,
      George Liszicasz, Azer Mustaqeem, Moin Raza Khan, Muhammad Amir Bhatti, and Abid Hussain

Direct Method for Determining Organic Shale Potential from Porosity and Resistivity Logs to Identify Possible Shale Plays: An Example from Cretaceous Shale Plays of Sinjhoro Field, Lower Indus Basin, Pakistan,
      Usama Mehmood, Masood Ali Khan, Jamil Ahmad Khokhar, and Irfan Muhammad

Structural Identification and Hydrocarbon Evaluation Followed by Seismic Attribute Analysis of Balkassar Area, Upper Indus Basin, Pakistan,
      Ehtisham Abdul Rehman and Umar Hassan

Modeling Multiples at Well Locations and Attenuating Them from 3D Seismic Data Using Adaptive Subtraction, A Case Study From Lower Indus Basin,
      Syed Firasat Shah, Muhammad Aftab, Mubashar Zahoor Bhatti, and Javed Iqbal

Petroleum Prospects and Potential in the Salt Range/Potwar Plateau,
      Beenish Wazir, Muhammad Hassan, Rizwan Yousaf, Sher Bahadar, Zeeshan ul Hassan Abbasi, Sidra Jadoon, and Ishtiaq A. K. Jadoon

An Innovative Approach to Select Core Point in Challenging Environment Using the GWD™ (Gas While Drilling) Methodology,
      Assad Zaidi, Carlo Carugo, Renato Pietrogiovanna, and Mushtaque Ali

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