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From the Borehole Image Log to Fracture Permeability and Fracturing Pressure – An Integrated Approach

Bernd Ruehlicke¹ and Carsten Vahle
¹Eriksfiord Inc;


Borehole imagers and dipole sonic tools form the ideal pair of instruments for detailed borehole image interpretation including the evaluation of structural tilt, faulting and fracturing. In addition, the stress field (orientation and magnitude of principal stresses) can be inverted based on both analytical and FEM methods leveraging the image logs in combination with rock mechanical and formation pressure data. Borehole images can be generated from oriented high-resolution measurement of various rock parameters, such as electrical conductivity/resistivity, acoustic reflectivity and density. Fullwave sonic can be obtained from a range of sonic tools, while rock mechanical data usually requires laboratory testing on core plugs. This presentation will demonstrate the suitability of borehole image and sonic logs for geological and geomechanical studies through an integrated workflow using examples from recently drilled wells.

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