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A North American Review of Commercial Shale Plays; Have We Learned Anything Besides Serendipity?

Bob Shelley


When evaluating mud rock completions one is quickly struck with the complexity of the task. Mud rock "shales" by their very nature can be problematic to evaluate given the wide variation in geology, rock properties, and reservoir characteristics, not to mention the effect of multi-fractured horizontal well completions. Quite often, the reservoir characteristics between an economic well and an uneconomic well are very similar, further compounding the problem. However, sometimes, the simple measurements we make at the wellsite can be very indicative of the things we don't measure very well, like the degree of natural fracturing and the interconnectedness of porosity. The information in this presentation was derived from the study of the characteristics and data from hundreds of completions with production results for shale wells in North America.

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