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The East Texas Eagle Ford

Tom Bowman
ZaZa Energy


The East Texas Eagle Ford, as referred to by the Railroad Commission of Texas and many operators, that some have coined as the Eaglebine play, is an emerging resource play located in East Texas. By definition, this play is given to the various formations deposited between the Lower Cretaceous Buda formation (base) and the prolific Upper Cretaceous Austin Chalk (top). Now with over two years of exploration and development drilling and the play moving from one target to the next the play is yet to be fully defined.

From the outcrop, the Eaglebine is a combination of the Eagle Ford and the Woodbine Groups and contains local formations such as the Eagle Ford Shale, Lewisville, Woodbine, Dexter, Sub-Clarksville, Maness, and Pepper shale. Most of these formations have produced oil and gas conventionally for decades, and with the advancements in horizontal drilling and multi-stage stimulations, operators are "redeveloping" these conventional plays and adding more focus on the unconventional nature of the hydrocarbon rich shale sections.

Recently, operators have been focusing their horizontal drilling efforts into the lower more shale-like rock and have been testing and producing promising but varied results. The Eagle Ford shale, a premier producing zone in South Texas, is present in East Texas but currently has not been this focus of the exploration efforts. The East Texas Eagle Ford consists, in fact, in three emerging unconventional resource plays, with multiple oil-bearing targets adds to its appeal. Most companies now differentiates between the upper stratigraphically equivalent Eagle Ford, the middle Woodbine sands and the lower shale section above the Maness Shale.

As drilling continues across the area, the horizontals are predominately focused into this lower shale section above the Maness Shale, with recent well results now consistently in the 350,000 BOE of estimated recoverable reserves. As the area continues to develop, expectations are high that to some degree each of the targets will continue to develop economic results and expand the play both in a vertical direction, but also in an expanding geographical area.

AAPG Search and Discovery Article #90202 © AAPG/STGS Geoscience Technology Workshop, Eagle Ford plus Adjacent Plays and Extensions Workshop, February 24-26, 2014, San Antonio, Texas