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Production-focused Seismic – Maximizing the Use of Seismic for Well Productivity Analysis and Prediction

Sean Boerner¹ and Ross Peebles¹
¹Global Geophysical


The Well Productivity and Prospectivity Analysis (WPPA) Workflow is a statistically driven process to identify seismic attributes that are related to well productivity within a formation. With any statistical process, the quantity and quality of data needed for analysis is a key requirement for building robust models. With the current boom in drilling unconventional reservoirs, the industry is now acquiring a large amount of high quality data that can be used for statistical analysis and correlation with seismic attributes. A key benefit of the WPPA process is to learn from what the data is telling us about the geologic, geophysical, and engineering processes that are driving productivity. With the addition of so much high quality data, we can also expand our focus beyond the mechanical properties of our formation to incorporate attributes that are not directly related to the seismic and not focused only on the reservoir. The WPPA workflow is a tool that can provide geologists, geophysicists, and engineers with another perspective derived from the data to enhance the productivity of their reservoirs.

We illustrate the workflow with an example from the Austin Chalk.

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