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AAPG Hedberg Research Conference
Interpretation Visualization in the Petroleum Industry

June 1-4, 2014, Houston, Texas

Search and Discovery Article #90206 (2014)

Posted November 30, 2014

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3D Data Visualizations: The Advantages of Volume Graphics and Big Data to Support Geologic Interpretation,
      Carl Byers and Andrew Woo

Augmented Reality Field Performance Support System for the Enterprise,
      Carl Byers and Andrew Woo

**Exploratory Statistics to Visualize, Quality Control and Refine 3-D Geological Interpretations at Basin and Field Scales,
      Jean-Yves Chatellier and Gina Chatellier

**The Unexpected Should not be Unexplained – New Interpretations via Geoscience and Engineering Anomaly Data Visualization,
      Jean-Yves Chatellier, Bob Menard, Burcu Gacal, and Sergei Filin

**New Methods for Slicing and Dicing Seismic Volumes,
      Paul de Groot, Farrukh Qayyum, Friso Brouwer, Yuancheng Liu, and Nanne Hemstra

Innovations in Visualization Open New Possibilities for Interpreters,
      Bruno de Ribet

**Pre-Cognitive Processing: The Creation and Data Mining of 3D Visual Databases,
      James Kevin Dirstein, Paul Ihring, Stano Hroncek, Alistair J. Stanley, and Nabil Tnacheri

Integration of Remote Sensing Outcrop Data and Subsurface Information to Define High-Resolution Depositional Facies Variability within Interbedded Sandstones of the Upper Cretaceous Mancos Shale of Western Colorado,
      Dallas B. Dunlap, Peter P. Flaig, Darrin Burton, Timothy Prather, and Lesli J. Wood

Seismic Stratigraphy and Geomorphology of Bibiyana Gas Field, Bangladesh: How the Recognition of Unconformities Led To a Better Understanding of Reservoir Architecture and Distribution,
      Kenneth D. Ehman, Bill Kowalik, Ken Cass, Yan Chen, Jeff Roche, Henry Posamentier, Doug Meyer, David Reeves, Andrew Royle, Andrew Warnock, and Paul V. Anderson

**Visualizing Anisotropy in Seismic Facies Using Stratigraphically Constrained, Multi-Directional Texture Attribute Analysis,
      Christoph Georg Eichkitz, Paul de Groot, and Friso Brouwer

**Getting in the Game – Real-time Visualization of Data from Earth, the Solar System and Beyond,
      Douglas J. Ellison

**Explaining Clusters to Interpreters Using Opacity Modulation,
      Thang Ha and Kurt Marfurt

**Integrated Visualization in the Reservoir Development and Management Workflow,
      Bill Hanson and Tracy Mashiotta

**Experiment on the Selection of Time-Transgression Predictive Seismic Attributes,
      Yawen He and Hongliu Zeng

**State of the Art in Visualization Tools,
      Michael M. Heck

**Fundamentals of 3D Seismic Volume Imaging,
      Gerald D. Kidd

Visualization of Petroleum Well-logs from Northern Louisiana in 3D Immersive Virtual Reality,
      Gary L. Kinsland and Christoph Borst

Learning from the 2013 3D Interpretation Hedberg: How Geoscientists See 3D,
      Bob Krantz

Seismic Visualisation of Mixed-Influence Coastal-Deltaic Depositional Systems,
      Simon C. Lang, Henry Posamentier, Bruce Ainsworth, Andrew Madof, Stuart Blackwood, Elaine Campbell, Kenneth Ehman, and Olusola Bakare

Advances in Noninvasive Fetal Imaging,
      Wesley Lee and Anil Shetty

Quantitative Assessment of Gestational Sac Shape: The Gestational Sac Shape Score,
      Jia Li, Russell Deter, and Wesley Lee

**Visualization, Interpretation and Cognitive Cybernetics,
      James Lowell, Jon Henderson, Gaynor Paton, and Joe Valenti

Stratigraphic Evolution of Oligocene Fluvial Systems, Gulf of Thailand: Seismic Workflows, Depositional Patterns, Shallow Analogs, and Exploration Significance,
      A. S. Madof, S. C. Lang, and H. W. Posamentier

**Microseismic Case Study: Monitoring of a Multi Well Completion in the Muskwa & Evie Shale Play in Northeastern British Columbia,
      Peter Morton, Jane Ling, William Barker, and Paige Snelling

**Deep-water Salt Interpretation and Visualization Using Dynamic Frameworks to Fill,
      Nam Xuan Nguyen and Mary Cole

**Reconstruction of Depocenter Evolution through Time Using Relative Stratigraphic Thickness,
      Jesús Ochoa, Jeannette Wolak, Mike Pelissier, and Nanne Hemstra

**Visualization Informed Drilling: Optimization and Automation on-the-fly at the Bit,
      Robello Samuel, Umesh Nalmada, and Aniket Kumar

**Visual analytics: The RGB Co-Render – What Are We Going To Do With the Answer?,
      U. Strecker and L. MacGregor

Sedimentary Response to Coupled Climatic Change and Active Rifting in the On-Shore Lake Edward Basin, Albertine Rift, Uganda,
      Wilson M. Tumushabe and Christopher J. Nicholas

The Diagnostic 3D Seismic Process (D3DSP): OBJECTS vs. LAYERS An Alternative (to the Layered-Earth-Model 3D Seismic Process) Method for Imaging, Measuring, and Evaluating Buried "Common-Impedance Objects" (e.g., Petroleum Reservoirs),
      Louis E. Willhoit, Jr.

**Watershed Algorithm Applied in Halokinetics,
      Robert Woock and Gwen Pech

Orienting the Unoriented: Paleocurrent Determination from Unoriented Deepwater Gulf of Mexico Wilcox Conventional Cores Using Helical Computed Tomography (CT) Scans,
      Larry Zarra and Allison Jackson

Seismic Visualization of Thin-Beds Guided by Seismic Geomorphology and Waveform Analysis in Wheeler (Stratal-Slice) Domain,
      Hongliu Zeng

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