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Application of High Resolution Conodont Biostratigraphy in Lower and Middle Mississippian Strata Tests the Idea of Compartmentalization of Reservoirs and Penecontemporaneous Tectonics

Darwin Boardman
Oklahoma State University


An updated high-resolution zonation for the middle Tournaisian-middle Visean (middle Kinderhookian-lower Chesterian) strata of the western flank of the Ozark Uplift is presented herein. The upper Kinderhookian Zonation includes the Siphonodella sandbergi-S. duplicata Zone, Siphonodella lobata-S. crenulata Zone, Siphonodella cooperi-Gnathodus delicatus Zone, and the Siphonodella cooperi hassi-lower Gnathodus punctatus Zone from oldest to youngest.

The upper Tournaisian-basal Visean (Tn3-Osagean) zonation from oldest to youngest includes the Polygnathus communis carina-upper Gnathodus punctatus Zone, Lower Pseudopolygnathus multistriatus Zone, Upper Pseudopolygnathus multistriatus-Gnathodus cunei-formis Zone, Scaliognathus anchoralis-Doliognathus latus Zone, Bactrognathus distortus lanei Zone, Polygnathus mehli-Gnathodus sub-lineatus Zone, Gnathodus bulbosus Zone, Lower Gnathodus texanus Zone, and the Middle Gnathodus texanus-Gnathodus texanus pseu-dosemiglaber Zone.

The Meramecian Zonation (lower Visean) consists of the Upper Gnathodus texanus-Gnathodus n.sp-Pseudognathodus aff homopunctatus Zone (Ritchey Formation and equivalent Tahlequah Limestone=Warsaw equivalent), Taphrognathus varians-Cavusgnathus Zone (Moccasin Bend Limestone=lower St. Louis equivalent), followed by the Cavusgnathus/Apatognathus scalensis Zone (Quapaw Limestone=upper St. Louis equivalent).

The lower Chesterian Zonation (middle Visean) consists of the Lochriea commutata-Gnathodus bileaneatus-Pseudognathodus homopunctatus Zone (upper Mayes Group-Bayou Manard, Lindsey Bridge, Ordinance Plant and Hindsville Limestone).

This re-correlation of the tri-state district Meramecian is new as previous zonation schemes based solely on lithostratigraphy had the entire Meramecian correlated with the Warsaw. Additionally, the Mayes Group (Moorefield) was previously correlated with the Meramecian contrasted to our correlation with the lower Chesterian strata.

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