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Investigating Porosity Distribution in Little Cedar Creek and Brooklyn Field in Southern Alabama

Devin Thomas
School of Engineering, University of Mississippi, Oxford, MS, USA
[email protected]


The Little Cedar Creek and Brooklyn fields, in Conecuh County, Alabama, produce oil and gas from the Upper Jurassic Smackover Formation. The current production in both fields is from high porosity zones in the middle Smackover and this study will investigate the relationship between these zones of high porosity and the overlying Haynesville and underlying Norphlet Formations. Based on stratigraphic data, the Little Cedar Creek field is separated from the Brooklyn field by a low permeable barrier within the Smackover Formation. Wells in both fields have produced as much as 400 barrels of oil per day. This project will examine, interpret, and correlate petrophysical well logs, conventional core, and well cuttings to develop a series of isopach maps and cross sections through the producing zones in each field. We will also use thin section analysis and macro-analysis of the core to evaluate lithologic characteristics of the Haynesville and Norphlet Formations. The outcome of this project should help field geologists select locations for drilling that will be productive. Understanding the distribution of porosity in the Smackover could expand exploration in similar geologic settings in the Gulf of Mexico region.

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