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Controlling Effects of Delta Reservoir Architecture on Remaining Oil in Laojunmiao Oilfield, China

Guosheng Qin
Department of Geology of Oil and Gas Exploration and Development, China University of Petroleum, Beijing, China
[email protected]


Remaining oil development is a necessary choice for enhanced oil recovery and improves development efficiency during the high water-cut period. Intercalations in delta reservoir architecture caused by seepage barrier and seepage difference have great influence on oil and water movement and distribution of remaining oil. Analysis of reservoir architecture is the key factor to enhance oil recovery.

As the first development oilfield in china, Laojunmiao oilfield has accumulated abundance data during 73 years' development. Firstly, this project will use the core wells and outcrop data to identify architecture elements and establish the classification system of architecture elements. Then, using the core wells to calibrate well logs and summarize the well log response of different architecture elements, with the help of well log response all wells' architecture elements will be identified. Finally, under the guidance of existing architecture model to verify and combine different architecture elements in three-dimension using the method of plane and section interaction. 3D architecture model will be established. As further study goes, the shape, scale, orientation and stacking patterns of different architecture elements will be analyzed, the controlling effects of delta architecture on remaining oil will become clear.

This project will give a new understanding of the complexity of delta reservoir. Seepage barrier and seepage difference caused by reservoir architecture will be studied and their influence on oil and water movement will be analyzed. All above those can give well prediction of the distribution of remaining oil and improve hydrocarbon recovery.

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