--> Abstract: Kinematics and Timing of the Eastern Las Vegas Valley Shear Zone, Nellis Area, Nevada, by Shaimaa Abdelhaleem; #90199 (2014)

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Kinematics and Timing of the Eastern Las Vegas Valley Shear Zone, Nellis Area, Nevada

Shaimaa Abdelhaleem
Geosciences, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, NV, USA
[email protected]


The Las Vegas Valley Shear Zone (LVVSZ) is a NW-striking right-lateral fault in the central Basin and Range province. Despite its prominence among the structures of the region and its role in tectonic development, little is understood about its eastern end. The eastern end lies in the vicinity of Nellis Air Force base, southern Nevada. Previous mapping attempts and field reconnaissance shows that Quaternary units, Miocene Muddy Creek Formation and Miocene Red Sandstone are exposed in the area. Two sets of faults are recognized: a north-northeast striking set separating the yellow sandstone and white limestone subunits of Muddy Creek Formation and a northwest striking set separating the limestone subunit of Muddy Creek Formation and the red siltstone subunit of the Red Sandstone. In addition, some secondary structures occur in the area. This study will evaluate these faults and the secondary faults and folds in terms of their types and relative timing of movement and age, and kinematic relations among the faults and folds. The main hypothesis of this study is that these two sets of faults and the associated structures are kinematically compatible. The alternative hypothesis is that these structures indicate one set of structures cut by a younger, superimposed set. This study aims to find the relations among the structures and evaluate their kinematics and kinematic compatibility. This information will be used to develop a proper model for the kinematic evolution and a better understanding of their role in evolution of the LVVSZ, particularly the youngest age of motion.

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