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Application of Pyrenean Fractured Carbonate Outcrops for Reservoir Characterisation


Fractured reservoirs such as tight carbonates, clastics and basements, are often highly heterogeneous in terms of open fracture distributions and connectivity, as well as hydrocarbon or fluid distributions. Working on sub-surface data without the benefits of relevant analog exposure and the application of geological principles based on field knowledge, can lead to mis-interpretation of well or seismic data as well as the results derived from techniques such as curvature analysis or seismic attribute analysis. This poster picks on some good-quality analog exposures in the Spanish Pyrenees to examine the following issues:

  • The often major influence of mechanical stratigraphy on fracture distribution, connectivity and style
  • The problem of how to include sub-seismic scale fractures in reservoir models and meaningful simulations
  • The common assumption that faults and their damage zones are a good drilling target in fractured reservoirs
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