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Reservoir characterization and sedimentological modeling of Lower Cretaceous, Leushinskaya and Vikulovo formations, based on log and core analysis. West Siberian basin, Shaim Region


Lower Cretaceous Leushinskaya and Vikulovo formations have recently tested oil and gas for the first time in the Shaim Region located in the western border of West Siberian Basin. Before that, these formations were known as hydrocarbon reservoirs only in Krasnoleninskoye region (Kamennoye field) where they produce oil from Vikulovo sandstones and siltstones [1] Presence of commercial gas accumulation in Cretaceous section in this part of the basin is also new as no gas fields had been discovered before 2013.

The aim of this paper is presenting the results of the reservoir characterization study of Leushinskaya and Vikulovo formations based on new log and core data. The data has been obtained during the 2012–2013 drilling campaign performed by Eurotek-Yugra (100% Repsol) in Karabashskiy area in Shaim Region.

As a result of the integration of core, thin section description and interpretation with logging and seismic data, a new facies and sequence stratigraphic model of Neocomian-Aptian reservoirs is presented. This model provides a predictive tool for assessing the quality and distribution of these reservoirs in the westernmost part of Shaim Region.